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Holidays, Moderation, and a Healthy Smile


Did you know the festive food and drinks you enjoy over the holidays can affect your teeth, gums and overall health? You can still enjoy all the tastes of the holiday season, but keep in mind that moderation is key to maintaining your healthy smile. For example, try to avoid sugary or starchy foods and dried fruits that can stick on your teeth longer than other foods. Those may increase your risk of cavities. For more holiday tips, visit

December Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Decemeber Employee of the Month, Sarah Newton!!! Sarah is a quick learner and has a very positive attitude. She is described by her peers as "quick to lend a hand and incredibly teachable." Based on compliments we have received from patients and how highly she is thought of by her peers, Sarah is obviously making a positive impact on our office! She has been an excellent addition to our nursing team and we hope to keep her around for many years! Thank you, Sarah, for everything you do.


Holiday Gatherings and Social Distancing

While we all look forward to the holidays and getting to spend time with family we wouldn't normally see, it's important to keep in mind the ever changing situation with COVID-19. The CDC has recommendations for small gatherings and how to practice social distancing, as well as other tips. Here are some things to consider if you plan on hosting a small gathering:

1. Limit the number of attendees to allow for social distancing. Guests should be able to spread out at least 6 feet apart in each room setting.
2. Avoid holding gatherings in crowded, poorly ventilated spaces. Have outdoor gatherings instead of indoor gatherings if possible.
3. Require guests to wear masks.
4. Avoid contact with persons who are not in your direct household.
5. Encourage guests to wash hands frequently and especially after touching shared items or commonly touched surfaces.

For more information on how to safely host a small gathering or for precautions in attending a family member's holiday gathering, please visit the CDC's website at:


Office Holiday Closures

We hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season! With this in mind, we want to make our patients aware of upcoming dates we will be closed for the holidays. Our North Franklin office will be closed on Wednesday, December 23rd and both offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, December 24th and 25th for Christmas. Cool Springs will reopen for walkin normal hours on Saturday, December 26th from 8am-1pm and North Franklin will return to normal hours on Monday, December 28th.

Both locations will be closing early for New Years on Thursday, December 31st at 3pm and will remain closed for Friday, January 1st. We will reopen normal hours for the weekend at Cool Springs from 8am-1pm and Monday for North Franklin.


Living with Cardiovascular Disease

About 92.1 million American adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or after-effects of stroke and research has shown that the emotional recovery from heart disease and stroke can often aid in physical recovery. The American Heart Association's free online Support Network provides easily accessible support for heart and stroke survivors as well as their caregivers. By joining the support network, individuals can learn from over 100,000 users with similar journeys. Share your story, chat on more than 25 specialized forums and learn from others in similar situations at


Managing Holiday Stress

For many parents, the holiday season can bring about an increased sense of family responsibility and additional feelings of stress. Advertisements about the joys of the season can seem lost on us as we try to do even more than usual. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Instead of turning to unhealthy stress management behaviors such as overindulging in eating or drinking, the American Psychological Association suggests the following tips: During the holidays, reconnect with the positive people in your life, volunteer to help others, talk to your kids about your family traditions as well as others', set realistic expectations for gifts and activities, keep things in perspective, and keep your mind and body healthy with fun, enjoyable, and relaxing activities for you and your family. For more information, visit


Holiday Safety

The holidays are finally here, and the National Safety Council wants yours to be safe and joyful.  Prevent trips and falls by keeping electrical cords clear of walkways. Keep trees away from heaters and open flame, and make sure they have plenty of water. Watch for toys with small button batteries, which can cause choking and are poisonous to little ones. And please arrive safely, impairment starts at the first drink. Always designate a non-drinking driver. Have a safe and happy holiday and remember to visit for more safety tips.


Look for the monthly Provider Newsletter on our blog. December will feature an article from our Cool Springs primary care provider, Dr. Edmondson. This is new content available only on our blog and direct from your provider. Check it out at

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